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Awards Program


In 1989, to recognize contributions to the field of Therapeutic Recreation, the Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association established an annual awards program. 

2016 Award Recipients

Members who have, through the length of time of their involvement, advanced the practice of TR.


1. Current and active professional member of ATRA for a minimum of 5 year

2. Minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of Therapeutic Recreation

3. Has made outstanding leadership contributions and accomplishments that have advanced the Therapeutic Recreation profession

4. Service to the Therapeutic Recreation profession through active involvement on a local, chapter, provincial and/or national level is an asset

Members that have rendered outstanding service to the Association and the field of endeavors it represents.


1. Current professional member of ATRA for a minimum of 1 year.

2. Significant contribution to the field of Therapeutic Recreation which may include but is not limited to Service on committees and boards which reflect advancement in our field, outstanding patient care, advocacy work in the field of therapeutic recreation

3. Development of workshops/presentations promoting therapeutic recreation is an asset

4. Commitment to ongoing involvement in upgrading personal and professional knowledge related to Therapeutic Recreation

Members who have demonstrated innovation in the field of TR.


1. Current professional member of ATRA for a minimum of 1 year

2. Development of innovative practice or research in therapeutic recreation service

3. Demonstrated the sharing of knowledge and expertise to other professionals and/or stakeholders through one or more of the following:

  • Formal presentations on topics pertaining to therapeutic recreation
  • Articles in newspapers or magazines on topics pertaining to TR,
  • Published research which has helped advance the profession
  • Author/Co-Author of any book on TR or related fields
  • Has expanded the field of TR into a new setting (i.e. Home Care, Schools, Seniors Housing, etc.)

Students who have demonstrated academic ability, promise of a contribution to the field of TR, and have worked in the TR field.  This award may be made annually to up to two students.


1. Current student or professional member of ATRA

2. Declared program of study in Therapeutic Recreation or graduate studies related to Therapeutic Recreation

3. Current enrolment in university or college, third year standing or above if enrolled in a four-year program, second year standing if enrolled in a two-year program

4. Volunteer/Work experience in TR is an asset

5. Two letters of reference (preferably one from an educator, and one from a practitioner) addressing the nominee’s potential contributions to TR

Agencies and/or individuals (non-members) that have done something extraordinary to create opportunities for the field of Therapeutic Recreation.

This award may be made annually to either an individual or an agency.


Any institution or individual whose efforts have promoted Therapeutic Recreation. Examples of promotion of TR could include the following:

  • Promotion of TR on any level
  • Serving as a volunteer in TR
  • Contribution of an unusual nature to the field of TR; research, author/co-author of a book or textbook, appearances to groups, etc. which helps advance the field of TR
  • Active involvement with university/college studies through practicum, work experience opportunities, presentations, etc.
  • TR programs which are recognized as exemplary by clients, Board of Directors and/or other disciplines.