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Categories & Criteria

New applicants to the Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association can select from one of three membership categories.

Applying for membership is a multiple step process. Check your qualifications to make sure your application will be approved saving time and energy for yourself and ATRA.

Professional Membership – Apply for this category if you are a new graduate, new to ATRA, currently practicing, supervising, teaching or returning to practice after a LOA of 3 consecutive years and who meet academic and clinical placement requirements.

Student Membership – Apply for this category if you are taking one or more courses towards the completion of a diploma, post graduate certificate, bachelors / masters / doctorate degree whose title contains Therapeutic Recreation or Recreation & Leisure Studies.  Note: ATRA professional members who continue to work in therapeutic recreation while taking courses are expected to maintain Professional Membership.

Supporting Membership – Apply for this category if you are interested in furthering the objectives of ATRA are not eligible for Professional or Student Membership. Review Application Instruction Manual for additional conditions.