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2019 Alberta Recreation Industry Labour Market Survey



Alberta Recreation and Parks Association, in cooperation with several partners (Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association, Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel, Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, Indigenous Sport Council, and the Government of Alberta Labour and Immigration), is conducting a recreation labour market study. This is the first study of its kind in over10 years! Be a part of contributing to the knowledge development on the recreation industry of Alberta. Obtain current hard data to make informed employee decisions with. Consider participating in this Recreation Industry Labour Market Survey.

Who: Human Resources representatives or Employers responsible for staff contracts are asked to participate in this Employer Survey.

What: The Employer Survey is one step in a larger project investigating the recreation industry. This survey will take time to complete, but the information that will be obtained will provide valuable information for the employers who make job descriptions, determine rate of pay, or have troubles with retention and recruitment.

Where: This Employer Survey will be for the Alberta recreation industry. The project is categorized into communities of urban, rural, remote, and indigenous. This categorization will allow for comparison among those who have similar recreation industry labour market trends.

When: The Employer Survey is open from June 17 to July 19. The survey can be completed online, over the phone with a survey administrator or even in person! You will also have the option to submit pdfs/word documents of the information in the survey and skip inputting the data yourself!

Why: A similar study was conducted by the Alberta Recreation & Parks Association (ARPA) in 2005. Since then, the recreation industry has gone through many changes and it is the goal of this recreation labour market study to reflect current status of the recreation labour market in Alberta.

How: This survey can be completed online where you can save and return at any time. You can also complete the survey over the phone with a survey administrator or request an in-person visit! Or if you have all the survey information in pdfs or word documents, you can submit those to a survey administrator and skip entering the data yourself!

You can reach the project coordinator by email,, or by phone at 780-644-6976.