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Finished your Education?

When you have finished your formal education, whether you are currently an ATRA Student Member or not, you need to apply for your ATRA Professional Membership. All applications for professional membership go to the ATRA Membership Committee for review to ensure compliance with established educational criteria. The committee generally meets once per month, although they may meet more frequently during busier times of the year.

To apply for your professional membership you must send in the following:

  1. A completed two page Professional Membership Application Form
  2. Your signed practicum document verifying hours completed
  3. Original Transcripts showing coursework completed and degree awarded. If you have completed all your coursework but have not yet been awarded your degree, a letter from your university or college department indicating that all coursework has been completed for your degree or diploma will be accepted along with the original transcripts.
  4. Professional Membership Fees


If you are graduating after you have already renewed your student membership for the year you will not be charged any additional fees for the balance of that membership year.

Professional Membership Application Form